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Walls2Walls Coaching, LLC is a boutique firm offering thought-provoking-custom-coaching, speaking and development opportunities. We offer an array of enhancement services to help the person, professional, student or athlete continue to grow. Whether the client is a youth advocate group, a mid-sized firm or a large corporation or a college, Walls2Walls Coaching has a service to help any organization and its followers reach milestones.

Lenny Walls | Co-Founder

Lenny Walls


Lenny's Teams

Gifted with confidence, ambition and a passion for learning, Lenny Walls is determined to succeed in all that he does. The fuel to his drive began to overflow after he lost his father at the tender age of 5. He watched his mom struggle both working and selling drugs to provide for the family. With all odds against him Lenny made it to the NFL and played professional football for over 10 years. His longest tenure with the Denver Broncos.

Aside from his legendary athletic prominence, he is a husband, an entrepreneur and servant leader in the community with a passion to influence and add value to others. Lenny took the lessons of his years in the NFL on and off the field and established various enterprises…

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Yvonne Walls


Yvonne Walls is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker. Her expertise grew from over 18 years in telecommunications, corporate training and sales coaching.

Her strengths are in positivity, integrity and enhancing employee and personal growth in a fun and welcoming environment. She has a passion to serve others and help them grow personally as well as professionally. Yvonne loves to take a challenging situation and turn it into a positive outcome. Her professionalism, yet humble spirit allows her to be approachable, which in turn gives her the opportunity to gain buy-in to understand root cause…

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