Driven by passion, purpose and persistence, Lenny and Yvonne Walls are a dynamic duo that inspire all who come in contact with them. I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with them over the years and have benefited greatly from the positive energy they both exude. If you're looking for exponential growth in your life, business or career, I highly recommend Walls2Walls Coaching!

Xavier Toson District Governor 2020-2021, Rotary International (D5840)

Lenny and Yvonne Walls have been a true friend and partner to our school. They have extended their service to us in a multitude of ways-with our students always being the benefactors. Walls2Walls has treated several of our students to opportunities they may have never otherwise experienced such as “Bowling with the Stars” and their summer “Fitness Camp.” They both have generously given of their time to give back for other events such as “Teacher Appreciation Week” and “Career Fairs.” Most importantly, Lenny Walls spoke to our Middle School students recently to address an ongoing concern with many students that age: apathy. Mr. Walls spoke to our youth in an assembly like venue and captured the attention of all our Middle School students. His appeal was twofold: his career in the NFL notoriety but also his ability to relate to our at-risk population. He was honest and real and shared some of his own-life experiences as a child himself. He modeled respectful behavior and showed them, not just told them, how important grit and hard work is. He also shared the importance of staying focused and having goals. To this day, teachers and students alike remember the difference that presentation had on our very fragile youth and ask, “When is Lenny returning" I highly recommend Walls2Walls Coaching not just for our youth but for our teachers.

Mrs. Arshad New Frontiers Charter School

Yvonne openly welcomes and seeks out all different viewpoints, personalities, values, backgrounds and opinions. She inspires her team members and all those around her to perform at the highest levels possible. She supports a fair, safe and inclusive work environment. Yvonne is committed to assisting the entire organization establish and maintain the highest professional standards.

Che Torres Fulfillment Director, Comcast Cable

Yvonne is an action focused trainer, who challenges leaders to release their full potential. Yvonne has a very thought provoking approach to leadership training, tailored to call center leadership development, that will drive results and enhance behaviors of highly successful teams. Yvonne has the insight to understand the needs of the individual, quickly understand the group dynamics and needs, and couple both to ensure immediate impacts to the organization and employee culture. Having worked with Yvonne directly in leadership development programs, I can attest to her professionalism, direct approach, and positive personality will not only impact your teams, but leave a lasting impression for years to come. If you are looking for that spark, that will drive your business or team to the next level, look no further!

Jason Wichman Business Retention Manager, Comcast West Division

Lenny and Yvonne Walls have done an incredible job molding me into the person that I am today. Their top-notch support system and patience has taken me to new heights in my personal and professional life and I am forever grateful! Each person has a different formula for success and the Walls' are exceptional guides to your solution. Thank you for giving me the chance to have a life filled with purpose.

Chandra Davis Entrepreneur

I started working with Mr. & Mrs. Walls over a year and a half ago. Since then, I have been well on the way to accomplishing so many of the goals I have set for myself. Mrs. Walls has continuously helped me become a more effective communicator with her guidance, patience and kind manner. Mr. Walls has consistently inspired me to be a better, more driven, individual. His teachings gave me the confidence I needed to begin to design the life I knew I needed, but wasn’t sure how to attain. They have helped me develop a whole new set of skills to utilize, in various aspects of my life. I feel very blessed to have two mentors so completely committed to my success.

Ymelda Salas Educator/Fine Arts Coordinator